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    We offer our customers premier electronic fuel injection electronics and software.

    • The efiInterceptor. The perfect solution to achieve
      maximum power on any stock or non-stock
      performance engine.
    • The O2 AFR Diagnostic Tool.
    • Accessories and software…
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  • Introducing the efiMini

Electronic fuel injection performance software and hardware.


Always get the right tool for the job. Browse our hardware products for a selection of devices we offer for sale. Are you an OEM vendor? Contact us!


In addition to the firmware we write for our hardware, we also develop a variety of software tools and applications. We currently support Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Android.


We carry a variety of accessories and components for use with our hardware. This includes cabling, sensors, adapters, connectors, component housing, and interface devices.

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We're a start-up company based in San Jose, California. We are a team of industry professionals that specialize in software and hardware engineering.

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We offer all of our products online. Just visit our shop at shop.efilabs.com.